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    PRIVATE TOUR: 2 – 4 people $3.640 for one person double occupancy

    PRIVATE TOUR: 5 – 7 people $2.460 for one person double occupancy

    GROUP TOUR: 8 people + $2.280 for one person double occupancy

    Single use: $884


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    George (Giorgos) Portokalakis

    Cell: 0030 6975 735774 - Office: 0030 2810 317358

    Email: info@portoclub.gr


    43 Pelasgon Street & 28 Efodou Street corner

    71303 Heraklion - Crete - Greece

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    This 10 nights /11 days custom designed experience, combines ancient cities, archaeological – historical / sacred Christian sites, local culture, Healthy natural Mediterranean traditional meals, shopping,

    Chartered vehicle, individual touring with driver

    Museums, walking, daily tours….do I need to say more?

    10 days Northern Greece, Mainland & Peloponnese.

    Meals: 10 breakfasts, 9 lunches -10 dinners, natural / healthy / rich,

    For transportation: A chartered vehicle / mini van with driver known of Mainland and Peloponnese. We will drive you over 20 cities / sites / ruins.

    For lodging, we have chosen nice hotels at the best locations

    * We provide:

    Private English speaking driver

    10 nights accommodation / double occupancy at A Class**** and fine 3*** hotels

    10 days exclusive chartered mini van for all transportation – excursions – tours,


    Transportation from the airport of Athens by arrival, port / airport of Athens by departure

    Road taxes

    29 MEALS: 10 breakfasts – 9 lunches – 10 dinners (rich / healthy according the Greek Mediterranean nutrition)

    Entrance fees at archaeological sites / museums are extra

    Guiding at the sites of: Vergina – Delphi – Olympia – Mycenae/Epidavros - Acropolis


    Prices are "per person"

    Tour is "private"...for you and your students / people only.

    Fee includes personal driver and "customized" tour itinerary.

    No part of a bigger group.

    No other added or hidden surcharges.


    A holiday in Greece is always an eventful experience and requires perfect scheduling, planning, and budgeting.. This is where we step in... We have just the right background and work experience to ensure you get the best out of your Greece holidays.

    We live in Greece, We are Greece destination travel professionals only! We know the country well, and use our experience and knowledge to augment your holidaying.

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    We look forward to looking after you in Greece, and guiding you through our fascinating country. You will undertake exciting journeys, see historical wonders, and feast on food fit for kings... And throughout your journey you will experience our own special brand of personal, customized service. An experience that only a Greek friend can give!

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    George (Giorgos) Portokalakis


    43 Pelasgon Street & 28, Efodou Steet corner

    71303 Heraklion - Crete - Greece

    Cell: 0030 6975 735774 Office: 0030 2810 317358





    DAY 1.: ATHENS ARRIVAL: Arrival. Reception at the airport. Transportation and check into our hotel. You will have the remainder of the day free to relax or take a stroll along the streets of Athens to enjoy the flavour of the city. Accommodation Athens A Class 4**** hotel. (Dinner)


    DAY 2: ATHENS / PELA / VERGINA / VERIA Today we will head to one of the most historic places in Greece and the old capital of the ancient Macedonia state. Pella: The ancient capital of the Macedonian empire and the brand new museum of Pella. Direction north to Pella.. Early afternoon arrival at Pella. Visit the ancient city and the museum. Ending the visit drive south direction Veria where we accommodate. Accommodation at Veria. 3 star*** hotel. (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)


    DAY 3. VERIA /VERGINA / METEORA / DELPHI: VERGINA: The tomb of the Macedonian King Philip, father of Alexander the Great is recognised as a Monument of World Heritage by UNESCO. Philip's tomb complete with its unique valuables are kept in a specially designed museum. The first and the second capital of Macedonia Vergina and Pella give to the visitors the whole history of Macedonia with the spectacular findings of the royal graves in the outstanding museum of Vergina. Lunch at Veria,a visit to the ALTAR of St. Paul and keep driving south direction Meteora and Kalambaka. Visit Meteora among striking scenery, perched on the top of huge rocks which seem to be suspended in mid-air, stand ageless Monasteries, where you can see exquisite specimens of Byzantine art. Depart from Kalambaka direction Delphi where we accommodate. A Class 4**** hotel. (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)


    DAY 4. DELPHI / OLYMPIA Delphi, the centre of Ancient World - the "Omphalos" (navel of earth). On the slopes of Mt. Parnassus, in a beautiful landscape, lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios. Visit the treasury of Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the museum containing the sculpture of the bronze Charioteer. Visit the Archaeological Site and Museum and drive west direction Nafpaktos and Olympia. Cross the new bridge of Antirion to Peloponnese and Olympia.. Arrival Olympia early afternoon. Dinner at the hotel. Accommodation Olympia. A Class 4**** hotel. (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)


    DAY 5. OLYMPIA / PYLOS Morning tour the site of Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games first took place, which has become a renowned attraction worldwide. The stadium which could seat at least 20,000 people and was the largest of its kind. The Temple of Hera is where the Olympic flame is lit from the sun and then taken by runners to light the torch wherever the games are being held, a tradition which dates all the way back to 1936AD and the museum and drive 2 hours and reach Pylos, a Mycenaean capital and palace, the traditional home of Nestor (from Homer's Odyssey), located near the modern city of Pylos. Accommodation Pylos. 3*** hotel. (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)


    DAY 6. PYLOS /THE LIVING MIRACLE OF AGIA THEODORA AT VASTA / SPARTA: A visit to the old Navarino castle, and 2 hours drive to the St. Theodora at Vasta (Megalopolis) church - a living miracle -.This little church was build somewhere between the 11th and the 12th century. This church has 17 trees on the roof, each tree weight over a ton. The ground isn't solid enough for those trees to be placed. Another unexplained phenomenon is the underground water which flows from the church and beyond. But the part I can describe with my own eyes is that nowhere you'll find a root from the trees inside the church. Many research has been made, even with X rays to find wherever the roots are inside the walls of the church, but its not. Lunch on spot and 1,5 hours drive to Sparta. Accommodation Sparta A Class 4**** hotel (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner).


    DAY 7. SPARTA / MONEMVASSIA / SPARTA Sparta: the pride, simplicity, duty, courage, strength of the Spartan led to the legendary Thermopiles, the most heroic battle of all seasons. Native soil of the brave Sparta has fought against many invaders and is considered the cornerstone of resistance throughout the centuries. A visit - tour to Mmonemvassia. 1,3 hours drive to the medieval, Byzantine and Venetian fortress-town of Monemvasia Visit the fortress- town take lunch and drive back to Sparta where we accommodate. Accommodation Sparta A Class 4**** hotel. (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)


    DAY 8. SPARTA / MYSTRAS / NAFPLION: The one time capital of Byzantium, the medieval town of Mystras is mounted on Taigetos' slope. It is protected by an impregnable fortress (the Kastro), which was built in 1249 by the Frankish prince Guillaume de Villehardouin. Morning, Mystras, the Byzantine acropolis, the monasteries of Lakonia the bare and wild slopes of Mani,and Sparta, Lunch at a near local restaurant and a one and a half hours drive north direction Nafplion. Accommodation Nafplion 3*** hotel (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)



    DAY 9. NAFPLIO / MYCENAE / EPIDAVROS / ATHENS: After breakfast 20 minutes drive to Mycenae visit the archaeological site where.you visit the Lion Gate and the tomb of Agamemnon and the museum. Continue 1 hour drive to Epidaurus and visit the archaeological site and theatre famous for its remarkable acoustics and the museum of Asclepieios. Drive through the Corinth Canal with a short stop to Athens where we acommodate. A Class 4**** hotel (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)


    DAY 10. CITY TOUR / ACROPOLIS / ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM: Enjoy a morning tour of Athens visiting the Acropolis and its museum. Spend the afternoon at leisure to stroll through Plaka (old Athens section), munch on a delicious Greek souvlaki and shop at the flea market in Monastiraki. Accommodation Athens. A Class 4**** hotel (Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner)



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